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Executive Committee

Abby Britton

Recruitment Director

The Membership Director is in charge of the chapter's recruitment activities in its entirety. This position both plans and directs all aspects of the recruitment process. The Membership Director assists active members in developing their skills for recruitment efforts through workshops, as well as managing and overseeing all preparation for recruitment.

Maddie Buschmann

VP of Programming

Mya Mchallam

VP of Cabinet

The Vice President of Cabinet is in charge of leading all Cabinet meetings. This position also delegates all committees attached to each cabinet member. The VP of Cabinet holds biweekly meetings and aids all Cabinet positions in coordinating their respective events while overseeing the agendas of each member.

Shannon Mclean

Provisional Member Director

The Provisional Member Director plans and executes bid days with their assistant and committee. This position runs weekly educational meetings for the new members, orchestrates the big sister/little sister process, prepare the new members to be initiated, and hosts other events for the girls to become more involved and feel welcomed in the chapter.

Emma Hill


As Secretary of Phi Mu this position is in charge of the point system of Phi Mu. A lot of my job is all attendance based, which means making sure every individual gets credit for the events they attend. Also, this position is responsible for adding events to the calendars we use and generating codes for each event so that members can check in for attendance. The last aspect of attendance is sorting through all the appeals submitted so that I can make sure that people who can't come to a certain event are given points. Aside from all the attendance, the Secretary makes sure to take meeting minutes and submit them to HQ so that they have everything we talk about at each meeting.

Lillian Bures


The Treasurer manages Rho Eta's finances. This executive board member is responsible for sending out monthly bills to chapter members, dispersing money allocated to events or positions, as well as creating a yearly budget for the chapter.

Jessica Judge

Panhellenic Delegate

Jenna Lenzi


The Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention deals with risk management and advocates for mental health. This position is a support system for sisters, and also works closely with the social chair for events.

Mackenzie Wyman


The Philanthropy Chair is in charge of planning and executing our annual Philanthropy events. The 5K Run, Just for Kids Dinner, and Dance Marathon are all events that aid in raising money for our local and national Philanthropy - Helen Devos Hospital and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This position utilizes her committee in successfully executing these important, and memorable, events.

Claire Spitz

Public Relations

The Public Relations chair is in charge of representing Phi Mu Rho Eta on all platforms. This position manages all social media accounts and consistently uploads media in order to keep the community and sisters of Phi Mu connected to one another. The chair works closely with the Membership Director during recruitment season and keeps all Phi Mu related information up to date.

Olivia Carlisi


The Honor Chair holds sisters accountable for their academics, finances, and behavior. Honor chairwoman creates and leads Honor Meetings to work out issues with any of the three categories above.

Delany Ward


The president of Rho Eta Chapter has the responsibilities of leading monthly formal business meetings and weekly executive board meetings, as well as attending monthly meetings in our greek community. Additionally, the president is responsible for working closely with the Executive Board to continuously better the chapter and ensure that Rho Eta is always striving to reach our fullest potential.