Phi Mu

Grand Valley State University

– Rho Eta –


Phi Mu Rho Eta has many events each weeks!  From sisterhood events to socials and meetings, Phi Mu has a lot to offer.  We find that what you put into Phi Mu, you will get out of it!  Below are the major chapter events for the semester.  

August 26: Meet the Greeks
September 6: Camous Life Night 
September 18: First Round of Recruitment 
September 23: Second Round of Recruitment
September 24: Third Round of Recruitment
September 25: Preference Round 
September 26: BID DAY! 
October 7: Social 
October 9: Formal Pledging 
October 9 - 15: Homecoming Week 
October 20: Social 
October 21 - 22: Phi Retreat
November 4: Social 
November 11: Big Little Reveal 
November 18: Semi Formal 
November 28 - December 2 : Inspiration Week 
December 3: Initiation